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Catering made Easy

 It all started with the idea of creating an experience for others. Hosting supper clubs at Magnolia Bloom, designing a space that would take your breath away in the Blue Ridge mountains and allow you to have an event like you couldn't imagine. Pictures were drawn, a vision for the venue was sketched, and a collection of special offerings were noted. In the process of planning, and as circumstances would have it, we were led to acquiring a beautiful mobile bar business we knew would be great at Magnolia Bloom but also offered us the opportunity to bring a wonderful experience right to your destination.


Everything… Yes, seriously, everything. 

Okay, well since we probably should be more specific, everything involving the transfer, setup, and distribution of alcohol and beverages at your event, we will take care of. Everything. 

One of the most time consuming and laborious parts of throwing a party or having a wedding is figuring out how you are going to give all the guests what they really want… drinks. How much do you need? How will you get it to the venue? Who is going to bartend? Where do I set up and how do I keep everything cold? We have the answer to all these questions. We will provide the equipment, set it up, create a customized menu for you and your guests, retrieve the alcohol, and even have our staff make and serve drinks throughout the entirety of your event. After the festivities have concluded, we will then pick everything up and you do not have to move a muscle. So for the brides and grooms, sit back and enjoy your special day. For the realtors, focus on your open house and get that property sold. For the birthday guy or gal, ensure everyone brings you expensive gifts by bribing them with wine and beer. Haha. But seriously, let us take one less thing off your to-do list, and let’s make your event one to remember. 

Cheers and Thank you.

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